9 Years of sobriety !

One more year has passed …. And I´m still here – sober !
This has been the case since February 2nd, 2011.
But No – I’m not ” that fantastic” or ”strong”. I’m not boasting about it either!
– It was a DECISION I made, and I am grateful that I finally got the insight to make a change.
You can actually live without alcohol!
I simply don´t get along with it. Or is it that we actually do, alcohol & I?
It’s just that it takes command over me. But I don´t allow that to happen anymore.
I´m fully aware that alcohol can also be fun and positive many times.
The question is just ”for how long”, and where the boundaries go ……?

Is there anything more to say than what I’ve already said and written before ?
Not really. Life is just moving on – and it feels good !
– I don´t HAVE TO drink alcohol anymore !
Only the thought of that just 1 or 2 beers would make me feel bad wants me to back off. I have friends that have told me that only this small amount of alcohol can affect your mood, both when drinking and the day after. Unnecessary and meaningless negative discussions suddenly appear …
Is it really worth it? For a moment’s ”relaxation with a few drinks”?
Alcohol affects your mood more than you think – or more than you want to believe.
It has struck me many times over the years how much quarrel and misunderstandings you avoid when you don´t drink at all, for example in a relation with your wife, husband or whoever is there ?
For 9 years I´ve now been out of all of that ! Life is so much easier now.

But – My ”demons” and some of that other shit that goes around in my head , however, have not disappeared. But over time I´ve learned how to deal with it and fight back – and now I´ve actually got pretty good control over myself !
To try to make your ”demons” drown does not work – Because they actually can swim !!
When I was drinking, the demons disappeared ….. for a while …… but then they came back from the deep, and then they also had brought along the devil himself as help and support !!!

No, that´s history now. Today – I´m The Boss ! And only me, myself and I are making the decisions.
My thoughts and my paths are still leading me forwards. The resistance along the way I eventually pass.

Problems are there to be solved – or defeated – in one way or another!

Nalle, February 2:nd 2020


10 År utan alkohol !

I samma stund som jag tog första steget ut från Capio Maria, Stockholm den 2:a Februari 2011 så föll den slutgiltiga poletten ner……. Det var inte en tanke, utan mer som någon slags uppenbarelse som bara ”slog till” och plötsligt så visste jag: ”Det är slut nu” – ”Jag kommer aldrig mer att dricka alkohol

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9 År som Nykter !

Då har det gått 1 år till och jag är ”uppe på nio”…. Och står där, fortfarande stadigt ! Så har det varit sen den 2:a februari 2011. Och Nej – Jag är inte ”duktig” eller ”stark”. Jag skryter inte heller om det ! – Det var ett BESLUT jag tog, och jag är tacksam

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My Last Live Performance with THERION

I did my last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic August 7th 2019. I made the final decision a couple of months ago, so everybody in the band and the crew knew this was gonna be my last appearance on stage with them. The reason is that the long touring is

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

8 År ! Tiden går fort ! Och den går ännu fortare när man trivs och har kul, säger man. Och jag har det faktiskt kul och trivsamt – även om livet förstås går lite ”upp-å-ner” ibland, eller ganska ofta. Men så är det att vara människa och leva i verkligheten. Inget konstigt med det.

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Nackdelar med turnérandet (Det som bilderna inte visar)

I mitten av September 2018 så kom jag hem från en 2 veckors turné i Kina och Australien. Innan det gjorde vi 54 spelningar runt Europa och 22 spelningar i Latin-Amerika för att sedan även åka till Israel följt av Ryssland och ytterligare ett par spelningar i Europa. Jag börjar med fördelarna från de sista

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