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Summary June 2017:









THERION ? I´m very happy to announce that Christofer Johnsson´s health is much better now. He went to specialists in Russia for diagnosis and treatment and now he´s recovering and may not need surgery.

So far we are only booked for 3 festivals this summer:
August 2nd Hungary, August 11th Portugal and August 19th Poland.

There are now not so much left to record in for the mixing of the Rock Opera !
We´re all very excited about the final result ! – I guess some of you are too !?
After the Rock Opera will be released, we´ll see how the future of Therion will be….

Some more:

LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM (L.A.D.) – In Disguise (Released)
Me, Jamie Borger, Peter Söderström, Ulf Wahlberg & Mikael Erlandsson
A great album with our personal favourite covers !









 – Album recording (released)
A great honor to play with Zinny (ex Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah, Zan Clan, Shotgun)











 – The forthcoming Rock Opera containing about 3,5 hours music is still in the making. I have recorded all the bass, and also very much of the rhythm guitars (which were dubbed 18 times !!!) Probably I will also play some acoustic guitars on it as well. Release in late 2017


– Album recording (release this fall – 2017)
Me, Robert Säll and Herman Furin from the band ”WORK OF ART” have recorded all of the basic tracks.

MARTINA EDOFF – Album recording (Release this fall, 2017)








Recorded at Studio Gröndahl 2017, Stockholm with David Castillo (sound engineer) Björn Höglund (Drums), Stefan Bergström (Guitars) and Jona Tee (Producer & Keyboards)


GATHERING OF KINGS – Half of the album is recorded so far….
I have recorded the bass for 6 songs so far.

A lot of Great Swedish Musicians involved !
A project led by Ron Dahlgren










MASQUE – Album recording (Release hopefully this fall – a new band from Sweden)
I have recorded the bass for 6 songs so far – 6 more to go.


ROYAL MESS – I´ve started the pre-production for the next album……..we´ll see when I´ll have the time to continue with it..!? Hoping for release May 2018



ETERNAL TEMPLE – The first song is released including a video.
Now we´re writing more material that will hopefully be released next year.
Me, Pontus Larsson, Isa Garcia-Navas and Mattia Garimanno.
More info at:
Watch the video below:

”PÅHLSSON´S PALACE” (Påhlssonska Palatset) (Working title)
I have started a recording for my own ”a bit softer music” with lyrics in swedish.


A Project/Band led by Seren Rosso
I played on 6 songs from this album featuring (among others):
Seren Rosso, Mattia Garimanno, Isa Garcia-Navas, and Kevin Zwierzchaczewski.
Check more:










THE PURPLE (Deep Purple Tribute) Rehearsals, gigs and a video is released of the song ”Highway Star”.

THE PURPLE – Live at Kungsträdgården (King´s Garden) Stockholm, June 2nd 2017










I have also started a new project/band with some inspiration from swedish folk music. But more about that later…… 😉








During this time I´ve also been doing rehearsals and gigs with Bosse ”Zinny” Stagman and also ”NYA VIKINGARNA” (The New Vikings) which is a band playing classical swedish ”dance music”. Vikingarna has sold in excess of 11 million albums and is one of the absolute top ranked ”dance bands” in Sweden through all times. How could I say No to such an honor to be the replacement for the regular bass player ?! We did 1 gig in Sweden and 2 in Finland. I had a really good time with them ! It was actually the hardest gigs I´ve ever done ! 26 songs that I didn´t know – and then, to remember them all, to me the songs are quite similar. (I can´t read notes, tabs or anything like that. All I do is to learn music by ear) It would probably be the same for someone who has never listened to AC/DC before and then someone says ”Learn these 26 songs by AC/DC” and he goes ”WTF, they all sound the same” !!! (except for a slower blues maybe?)


I also played a gig with THE EXPERIMENT NUMBER Q in Salamanca, Spain.
This is a song from the first album featuring me and Linnéa Vikström from Therion on vocals.
A project and Band led by Paolo Vallerga from Italy !
More info at:



Along with all of this I´ve also been working for the Home-Care taking care of old, sick and handicapped people in their homes. It´s not a good paid job, but I´m happy with it and you can really feel that you are doing something good for people in need ! 🙂

Nalle – June 7th 2017

Contact: [email protected]


Nalle Påhlsson uses Yamaha Basses & Guitars exclusively


10 År utan alkohol !

I samma stund som jag tog första steget ut från Capio Maria, Stockholm den 2:a Februari 2011 så föll den slutgiltiga poletten ner……. Det var inte en tanke, utan mer som någon slags uppenbarelse som bara ”slog till” och plötsligt så visste jag: ”Det är slut nu” – ”Jag kommer aldrig mer att dricka alkohol

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9 År som Nykter !

Då har det gått 1 år till och jag är ”uppe på nio”…. Och står där, fortfarande stadigt ! Så har det varit sen den 2:a februari 2011. Och Nej – Jag är inte ”duktig” eller ”stark”. Jag skryter inte heller om det ! – Det var ett BESLUT jag tog, och jag är tacksam

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9 Years of sobriety !

One more year has passed …. And I´m still here – sober ! This has been the case since February 2nd, 2011. But No – I’m not ” that fantastic” or ”strong”. I’m not boasting about it either! – It was a DECISION I made, and I am grateful that I finally got the insight

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My Last Live Performance with THERION

I did my last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic August 7th 2019. I made the final decision a couple of months ago, so everybody in the band and the crew knew this was gonna be my last appearance on stage with them. The reason is that the long touring is

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

8 År ! Tiden går fort ! Och den går ännu fortare när man trivs och har kul, säger man. Och jag har det faktiskt kul och trivsamt – även om livet förstås går lite ”upp-å-ner” ibland, eller ganska ofta. Men så är det att vara människa och leva i verkligheten. Inget konstigt med det.

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