ROYAL MESS ”Behind the lyrics of the songs”



My thoughts are carried directly into why girls often from their teens and maybe even up over their 30´s want the tough and those ”a little bit dangerous” guys instead of someone who is a bit softer and kind !? In the 80´s and 90´s when I was a true visitor of the rock-clubs in Sweden with my much tougher buddies, I guess I was nr3 or maybe nr4 for the girls. At the best, No.2….hopefully ! 😀

I maybe thought I was an ace at that time !? But I surely wasn´t 😀

Girls want an ”alpha-male” and not someone of the pack!

Today when I´m older I guess that I have, at least, – a little ace up my sleeve 😉


2.Hell City

This song is entirely written in view of my experiences from a brief relationship I had a number of years ago. – I was an idiot ! Totally blinded by my love to a girl from Dalarna, Sweden named Sandra. Just before I met her I had sold a house and for once, I had more money than I usually have……..

In just 8 months, I spent a total of around $ 12000. I can only blame myself, but on the other hand, I know very well how she took advantage of my kindness (stupidity) and drew as much benefit as she could out of it. What ultimately makes me so grumpy and make music about it is that I was so f*cking stupid that I paid a breast surgery for her at the cost of 5000 USD where she verbally promised to pay back half of that money.. She has not yet paid back a penny, and today, she argues that the entire sum was a gift!? – A Complete and total lie!

She let me take care of her her like a nurse until she was healed after the surgery, then she behaved devilishly and I had to decide it was all over …..

I will write the whole story about this later on here on my blog! Watch out !

This will be my payback instead of the money, she pinched me on.

(See also ”Gold Digger,” which is dedicated to the same person)



The title I got from Ace Frehleys book ”No Regrets”. I saw it and I immediately thought that the title tuned in to me, so I wrote the song about how I left another crazy and sick relationship I had some years ago. It was also during this time I started to drink too much. I´m not blaming it on her, but she surely was involved….

The line where I sing ”I was given my salvation through some punches in the face” is actually true. Once, while brushing my teeth she punched me so hard with fists in my face that I fell into the bath-tub …….. She weighed more than me so there was power behind these punches….

Today I have been Mr. Freedom for almost five years! 🙂

The song is partly inspired by KISS…..



This story is the same as in the song ”Hell City” though described more clearly. I sing straight out that I paid for her silicone breasts !

That said, I am not asking anyone to feel sorry for me, instead I uncover myself and describe what a fucking idiot I’ve been – hopefully I´m smarter today ? If she wants to make a protest or sue me for writing about it in public, that’s fine with me ! People know my background – and even hers ! Where she lives, she had the nickname ”Gold Digger” even before I met her.

Many have told me that the song is a true blend of KISS and AC / DC.



Also this song is about the same subject as in Mr. Freedom. It´s a description of how I felt in this horrible relationship and my way out of it.

I had a girlfriend who totally dominated and ruled me and my family. Still, and even at this time I was an idiot who tried to ”hide away” or numb myself with alcohol. I felt very bad psychologically and didn´t really understand what was happening around me …… The further I got into the drinking, the dumber I became – even when I was completely sober ……. My brain was totally soaked in alcohol ….. I became an alcoholic !

I was sick ! In the end, my common sense took over and I was finally free ……


6.Higher than 7th heaven

The song describes that people often or constantly want more, which I actually think is correct. In many ways I agree with what Gene Simmons says: ”The one who says he doesn’t want more is lying”. An example could be that you might had (or inherited) a nice beachfront with its large house, and you think you suddenly have it all. But then someone asks if you also would like to have a nice boat as a complement ? – Sure …. why not ? ……. Where and when do you actually think ”it´s enough” ?

Even this one is quite a lot of a KISS-inspired song I think….


7.The Pieces of My Heart

A love story about having been dumped and left in a bad way, though not with so much pain and grief involved, but rather with a planning revenge ….

Perhaps this song about me? I know that many of you probably can recognize yourselves in it (?)


8.To Hell and Back

What happens the day when your whole world falls apart ? You look at yourself in the mirror and you no longer recognize yourself ! This song includes partially what happened to me around 1993: Panic attacks ! I didn´t understand what was happening with me. Panic syndromes hadn´t yet even been mentioned in media in Sweden. I thought that I would end up in a mental institution or something like that …… ”A psychological earthquake” was the start of something that caused such a crack in the earth that I fell straight down in a big hole – all the way down to the bottom. But with therapy and medication, I managed to crawl all the way up again ! The song was originally a suggestion to the band Zan Clan that I played with for a couple of years, so therefore it was natural to ask Bosse ”Zinny” Stagman to sing it with me. Zinny is a true Rocker and I love his voice and attitude !



Life is quite a lot about physics …… in several and different ways …..

Just how many times in life haven´t you seen or met that girl / woman that you immediately think ”I just wanna take her with me and go somewhere…….where we can be alone…..all by ourselves….somewhere….” 😀

…..and your imagination begins to run wild….


10.From Rise To Fall

No frills ! You may have to figure out what is rising and then ”going down”. The lyrics speaks for itself without much explanation !

The refrain became very Def Leppard-influenced……..


11.Loaded Gun

Totally macho lyrics !
Sometime in your life you should have the permission to pretend ……!? 😀
Similar to the song ”From Rise To Fall”: There is not so much to explain about the lyrics 😉
”A testosterone fueled mans thoughts….”

The peaceful ending of the song is something I love! It´s arranged and fixed by Pontus Larsson with some instructions from me. It describes my future plans: To get away from the big city bustle and out on the country side. You can hear how I walk in the grass among the flies and bumblebees whisteling on the final song of the album ”See You In My Dreams” …..


12.See You In My Dreams

Finally it´s released !!! – After almost 30 years !
I wrote the song in 1986 when my older brother Benny died on July 1st.
It is entirely dedicated to him ! Without Benny, I had probably never had a career as a musician. Already in 1972, when I was 9 years old, he took me to my first rock concert at the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm to watch Jethro Tull !!!

The song was recorded by Easy Action, Tommy Nilsson (solo) BamBamBoys (with Matti Alfonzetti) and also by Frank Ådahl. – None of these versions were ever released. But now it finally is, and I’m very happy about it ! The result became exactly the way I wanted it to be 🙂 My Daughter Mica joined for the backing vocals !


Get Ready (Bonus song from the Special Edition CD)

This song is about leaving the past behind and to ride into the future of brightness !
If you really want it, and you really want to take care of yourself and make the best of your life – I believe it´s there for you ! Just reach out and you´re able get it !

Everyone of us have so much positive power within. You just gotta find it ! It´s there !
– Bring it on and bring it out ! 🙂


Finally (Bonus Song from the Japanese release)

Also this one is about leaving bad things behind….. In this case – a relationship. My experience is that, (unfortunately), the ones you fall in love with in that totally crazy way that you totally loose control… a drug addict – are in fact the ones You Should Not fall in love with – cause in the end, it will only bring you down !

Crazy, but to me – true and very strange……and self-destructive.
Well, like I sing here – ”Finally, my love for you is dead” !!!
Today, it feels like I´ve found my way home !





10 År utan alkohol !

I samma stund som jag tog första steget ut från Capio Maria, Stockholm den 2:a Februari 2011 så föll den slutgiltiga poletten ner……. Det var inte en tanke, utan mer som någon slags uppenbarelse som bara ”slog till” och plötsligt så visste jag: ”Det är slut nu” – ”Jag kommer aldrig mer att dricka alkohol

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9 År som Nykter !

Då har det gått 1 år till och jag är ”uppe på nio”…. Och står där, fortfarande stadigt ! Så har det varit sen den 2:a februari 2011. Och Nej – Jag är inte ”duktig” eller ”stark”. Jag skryter inte heller om det ! – Det var ett BESLUT jag tog, och jag är tacksam

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9 Years of sobriety !

One more year has passed …. And I´m still here – sober ! This has been the case since February 2nd, 2011. But No – I’m not ” that fantastic” or ”strong”. I’m not boasting about it either! – It was a DECISION I made, and I am grateful that I finally got the insight

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My Last Live Performance with THERION

I did my last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic August 7th 2019. I made the final decision a couple of months ago, so everybody in the band and the crew knew this was gonna be my last appearance on stage with them. The reason is that the long touring is

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

8 År ! Tiden går fort ! Och den går ännu fortare när man trivs och har kul, säger man. Och jag har det faktiskt kul och trivsamt – även om livet förstås går lite ”upp-å-ner” ibland, eller ganska ofta. Men så är det att vara människa och leva i verkligheten. Inget konstigt med det.

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