THERION: Sweden Rock Festival with Sandra Laureano


On the way home from the last gig in Mexico City after the Latinamerica-tour I guess we
all were in some kind of mixed mood…… Strange to go home and know that this tour was
the last one with Lori Lewis. Since 7 years back in time she has been such an important member.
But at the same time, as I´ve mentioned before; Therion has changed the line-up so many times
before, and it has always worked out fine…….And Lori will stay with us for the forthcoming recordings ! 🙂

Some fans like an era of the band more than the other and of course every fan has his/her favorite
member/members. But that´s how it always will be with every band that go through changes in the line-up.
Therion is to me more than just a band – Therion is a concept – and the concept goes on no matter what happens.
The name Therion is bigger than any of its members !

Now it was time for our new singer Sandra Laureano to join as the new soprano, and I was in fact very excited about it !


Photo: Mina Karadzic

When we got home we just had a little time to get her into the whole thing before we had to go all of these
600 km down to Sölvesborg by car to Sweden Rock Festival june 6th.
We all were very impressed that she had learned all her parts so damn well !
It´s not an easy thing to learn all these complicated lyrics in several languages and sing them so well – But she did !
And besides that, Sandra also is also a very nice and humble person and very easy to work and deal with !
She was glad, positive and calm all the time, and also of course – very excited to play with us.
I could never feel that she was worried, nervous or something like that……She was just…. – Cool ! 🙂
Well……of course, like for all of us, still and always right before entering the stage, you always feel this excitement mixed with butterflies in your belly and the adrenalin starts pumping…..


The thing is that Therion is not a big name at all in Sweden, so my only ”worry” was that we had such a late
spot in the schedule that day – 00:45 am !!! After Black Sabbath !!!
But I was very surprised and happy to see so many people there !
I also had the thought that many people would only come there because of curiosity…….and then maybe
leave after a few songs…. But they didn´t ! The audience was really great and appreciated us.
It felt really good ! And Sandra did Very Well !! She was great ! So now we´re really looking forward to the festivals in august
this year !

In June 2014 Sandra recieved a diploma from the Head of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory !



I of course also have to mention and tell you that Sandra also has recorded several albums as bassplayer
and member of a couple of Death Metal bands !
Sandra is from Croatia, but she now lives in Russia.


I stayed at the festival one more day with some friends who let me sleep with them in their camper 🙂
I really wanted to watch VOLBEAT and BILLY IDOL – So I did ! – They were great !
I also watched Y&T, Within Temptation and Ted Nugent.


I went with my friends in the camper to Gothenburg and then I took the train home to Stockholm from there.

It felt good and I was very happy and satisfied to have had such a Great Weekend !






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