Therion: Travel Home & Summary June 1-2

The day after the last gig we had plenty of time to sleep…… but I was also in a state of shock for a while after reading a message in the morning from my neighbour in Sweden writing something about a window of my apartment being open ! For a while I thought that all my instruments and belongings were stolen……but, luckily, it was a misunderstanding……. I must have forgotten to close the window ??

We had the whole afternoon to spend at the hotel and didn´t leave until 5 pm.
Some of our friends came there and even followed us to say goodbye at the airport.


 Sold Out at Circo Volador, Mexico City May 31st 2014

This have been a really good and successful tour !
I´m very happy to be a part of all this ! 🙂

My very Big & Special thanks goes to our crew:
Thomas ”TomTom” Robatsch
Sami Karppinen 
Mateusz ”Havok” Smierzchaski
Martin Brunello

What an International band ! We represent the countries: Sweden, Germany, USA, Poland, Finland and Argentina !

Like TomTom mentioned to me: Therion on tour is A Family ! And that´s also the way I see it !
We have such a good time together and everybody is really having fun supporting each other !

First we took the flight to Amsterdam…….about 10 hours !
I almost went crazy because of my f*ckin´problem with RLS (restless legs syndrome)…….as usual almost everybody in the plane were sleeping – except me !!!
From Amsterdam to Stockholm I finally could have some sleep…..

Went straight to bed when we came home about 08:30 pm – and slept for 12 hours !!! 🙂

Now we just have to prepare for Sweden Rock Festival with our new soprano.
She sings good and will fit very well into Therion I think.
Friday June 6th she´ll be on stage with us for the first time !

Nalle 🙂

Here´s a video-clip from the soundcheck in La Paz, Bolivia, May 17th 2014:





10 År utan alkohol !

I samma stund som jag tog första steget ut från Capio Maria, Stockholm den 2:a Februari 2011 så föll den slutgiltiga poletten ner……. Det var inte en tanke, utan mer som någon slags uppenbarelse som bara ”slog till” och plötsligt så visste jag: ”Det är slut nu” – ”Jag kommer aldrig mer att dricka alkohol

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9 År som Nykter !

Då har det gått 1 år till och jag är ”uppe på nio”…. Och står där, fortfarande stadigt ! Så har det varit sen den 2:a februari 2011. Och Nej – Jag är inte ”duktig” eller ”stark”. Jag skryter inte heller om det ! – Det var ett BESLUT jag tog, och jag är tacksam

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9 Years of sobriety !

One more year has passed …. And I´m still here – sober ! This has been the case since February 2nd, 2011. But No – I’m not ” that fantastic” or ”strong”. I’m not boasting about it either! – It was a DECISION I made, and I am grateful that I finally got the insight

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My Last Live Performance with THERION

I did my last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic August 7th 2019. I made the final decision a couple of months ago, so everybody in the band and the crew knew this was gonna be my last appearance on stage with them. The reason is that the long touring is

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

8 År ! Tiden går fort ! Och den går ännu fortare när man trivs och har kul, säger man. Och jag har det faktiskt kul och trivsamt – även om livet förstås går lite ”upp-å-ner” ibland, eller ganska ofta. Men så är det att vara människa och leva i verkligheten. Inget konstigt med det.

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