THERION: Latin America May 22-25, 2014

May 22, 2014

Long travel to Quito, Equador ! About 6 hours……
When we finally arrived we stopped outside this big fancy hotel……..but soon it became clear that we were gonna
stay at another one just across the street…… It was NOT GOOD !! We are spoiled being used to have very nice
hotels, and this one was one was of those that they had probably forgot about since the 1970´s !!!
I really didn´t care ! I was so f*ckin´tired that I just wanted to sleep. Johan and I shared room and we went to bed
and just laughed at the whole situation. But soon TomTom came to knock on our door to tell us that we were gonna
go to another hotel instead ! And we were very happy about it. That hotel was really nice with a lovely view !

May 23
Quito, Equador

Johan and I went to have a hamburger near the hotel and looked at the lovely views from here high up in the mountains !

This gig turned out to be the most weird of all…..well not really the gig, but the circumstances around it….
We played at this smaller club. And only a few minutes before we were gonna enter the stage, TomTom our
tourmanager comes in to the dressingroom and tells us that the show might be cancelled !!!
The police were there and had told the local promoter that he didn´t have a proper licence for the show…. !??
But he had ! But they were making troubles with him anyway…..
I guess it was due to that things are a bit ”different” over here in some cities or countries of Latin America……if
you would compare it for example with Scandinavia….. (!?)

First it seemed like the gig was really going to be cancelled…..but after waiting like 1,5 hour, we finally
could go on stage and do a shorter show……about 1 hour. Usually play about 2 hours.
The audience were great ! So in the end we were all happy. Even though the whole situation was a bit weird.

May 24
Travel to Manizales, Colombia !

Lovely views from the airplane when we reached Manizales !
I got a Colombian flag to put on my wall at home ! 🙂
The gig was great ! We played at a theater.

Afterwards we were invited to a very nice restaurant that looked like some kind of ”startrek tower” !
Me, Thomas, Linná, Johan and Sami were there and we had a good time ! 🙂

May 25
Early flight from Manizales to Bogota !
We flew with this smaller type of propeller-plane again. Went smoothly !
Checked in at the hotel and then we all went with the local-promoter to the restaurant ”Crepes & Wafles”
Absolutely the best food we´ve had during the whole tour so far !
It was pretty hard for me to understand the menu so I just ordered the same as Johan and Thomas.
What I din´t know at that moment was that they had ordered two dishes each !!! So I also had it of course, but it
was so damn good that I ate it all – and even one of these giant fantastic icecreams for dessert as well !!
I almost stumbled out from the restaurant cause I was so stuffed !!! 😀

Then we went to the hotel for a signing session.
Me and Linnéa were telling each other a lot of jokes so that we were laughing our asses off during the signing ! 😀
Later on me and Thomas sat down in the lobby with photographer Isa and Diana who is working for the local promoter.
This hotel is absolutely great and so is the area around the hotel !

Finally – Good Sleep again ! 🙂


Signingsession in Bogota, Colombia May 26, 2014

Photo by: Isa Hoyos


10 År utan alkohol !

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9 År som Nykter !

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

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