THERION: December 7th, 2013


 Me & Masha from the Russian band ARKONA backstage in Krakow


The gig in Krakow was great !
The venue was crowded with about a thousand people.
Except from some small ”f*ckups” we did the performance very well I think.
Thinking of that we only had 2 rehearsals for a 2 hour show………and we actually didn´t rehearse some of the old songs………..It was all ok. The audience was as enthusiastic as always and they also seemed to enjoy the new songs (or excerpts) from the forthcoming Therion Rock Opera. And Yes, it will be an OPERA, – not a Musical- That´s quite a difference !

Before we played I went out to watch the support-acts: HEAVENSHINE, SOUNDSTORM and ARKONA.
They all sounded good but I was most impressed by the power of ARKONA, the Russian band. The audience went nuts when they played and I started thinking to myself: ”How the hell are we gonna beat this?”
They were absolutely Great !

One funny thing that happened during our show was that Christofer had such a headache right before we entered the stage, so he put some painkillers (TREO) in a waterbottle that he was gonna drink in the beginning of the set. OF COURSE Thomas just grabs the first bottle he sees and he had already been taken some other painkillers before the show. He drank it all !!! 😀 and he was just thinking: ”That was a hell of a strange water they have here in Poland” !! 😀

After the show we all went out for a signingsession which never seemed to end……. I had to sneak out to get back to the backstage area to get my stuff together infor the trip to the next city – Warsaw !! We sat up in the trailer for a while and then went to bed in our bunks.

Woke up just about 20 minutes before we reached the venue in Warsaw ! Me, Lori; Johan and Thomas were guided out on the town for a while with Agnes that we know from our earlier visits here. Though it´s very cold outside, some fans were already here early in the afternoon waiting for us….. 🙂


10 År utan alkohol !

I samma stund som jag tog första steget ut från Capio Maria, Stockholm den 2:a Februari 2011 så föll den slutgiltiga poletten ner……. Det var inte en tanke, utan mer som någon slags uppenbarelse som bara ”slog till” och plötsligt så visste jag: ”Det är slut nu” – ”Jag kommer aldrig mer att dricka alkohol

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9 År som Nykter !

Då har det gått 1 år till och jag är ”uppe på nio”…. Och står där, fortfarande stadigt ! Så har det varit sen den 2:a februari 2011. Och Nej – Jag är inte ”duktig” eller ”stark”. Jag skryter inte heller om det ! – Det var ett BESLUT jag tog, och jag är tacksam

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9 Years of sobriety !

One more year has passed …. And I´m still here – sober ! This has been the case since February 2nd, 2011. But No – I’m not ” that fantastic” or ”strong”. I’m not boasting about it either! – It was a DECISION I made, and I am grateful that I finally got the insight

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My Last Live Performance with THERION

I did my last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic August 7th 2019. I made the final decision a couple of months ago, so everybody in the band and the crew knew this was gonna be my last appearance on stage with them. The reason is that the long touring is

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8 År som ”Spik-Nykter” ! Hur blev det efteråt ?

8 År ! Tiden går fort ! Och den går ännu fortare när man trivs och har kul, säger man. Och jag har det faktiskt kul och trivsamt – även om livet förstås går lite ”upp-å-ner” ibland, eller ganska ofta. Men så är det att vara människa och leva i verkligheten. Inget konstigt med det.

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