Experiment no.Q – Torino, Italy

Experiment no.Q by Paolo Vallerga
Torino, Italy












At april 7th, 2013 I´m leaving for Torino, Italy for the recording of Paolo Vallergas ”Experiment no.Q”

The morning the day before I was up at 04:00 (am)…..so the 6th I went to bed already at 20:30….
I had packed all of my stuff, and the flight-tickets plus the passport I had put at the kitchen-table.

Well……. I tossed and turned in my bed for 4 hours totally awake…..!! I fell asleep at 01:00 and at 02:00 I had to get up to go to Skavsta Airport about a 100 km from Stockholm. The take-off was at 06:45. So that was my 1 hour of sleep !!! 😀

When I got up I couldn´t find the passport !!! It was gone ! I ran around like crazy searching for it everywhere, but it was nowhere to be found !
I checked on the Internet for information, and I found that you don´t need a passport to go to Italy from Sweden……..
So I called a cab and went in to the central station, then the buss to Skavsta Airport. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes…

At the check-in the guy all of a sudden says ”Passport please !”
I said ”I don´t have it”……
Well, he said ”Then you´re not able to go” !
I told him I don´t need a passport to go to Italy….. !!!
He said ”This is the rules of RYAN AIR, and that´s the way it is” !!
”What should I do then?” I asked.
”You can fix a temporary one on the other side of the street for about a 100 €”
(I didn´t even have a 100 € on my creditcard and no cash either)

I just made a long sigh…….. Took my luggage and checked it one more time……
– And there it was – My Passport !!! 😀
I had checked the bag about 4 times earlier, so I thought ”It must be God who put it there right now” !! 😀

At the plane I was supposed to sleep a bit. But of course I met this very nice guy Magnus who also was a bassplayer ! And we talked constantly with each other for over 2 hours !! 😀

Paolo Vallerga picked me up at the airport in Milano and we took off towards Torino.
The studio was located in a small village in the same building as a music-instrument-store.
– Very Nice ! 🙂
There I met Johan from Therion and the other musicians.
Kevin, the english-Italian singer from the band ”Lord Byron” is a really funny and crazy guy ! 😀

We live a bit up in the mountains at a very nice, quiet and calm place !

I recorded bass on three songs and we also downloaded the vocal-tracks I had already recorded in Stockholm before I left.

Exciting Project !!!

We´ll see what this will become ! 🙂

Life is Good !



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