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Brian ”Robbo” Robertson

I´m very glad and proud to be part of the new album with Brian Robertson which will be released march 28th !
The album is built of Robbos demos and recordings from way back in time when he was a member of Thin Lizzy and Motörhead until now. He had a plastic bag full of cassettes loaded with material from where he and his manager/old friend Sören Lindberg picked the songs for the album.

Robbo chose me and drummer Ian Haugland from the band EUROPE to lay down the basic tracks.
After a Led Zeppelin tribute gig a few years ago in Stockholm where Robbo appeared as guestartist (Haugland and I was part of the band)  he immediately afterwards asked me and Ian if we were interested in recording his soloalbum.
Of course we were !! And that´s how it came to be !

Back in the days when I sat there listening to Thin Lizzys ”Live and Dangerous” watching the pictures from the innersleeve, Robbo was my favourite member of the band. His guitarplaying was great and he looked so cool !!

Most people won´t notice, but if you listen closely to many of the songs from the album, Robbo dubbed very many of my basslines with his guitar when he did the overdubbs, – I just played spontaneously as always, but somehow he perceived them as ”hooks”. That´s something new to me ! So I´m very proud that my old idol got inspired by my playing !

I´m really looking forward to play live with Robbo and the band again !


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