Canada-USA Tour 2015 – September 17th

Wednesday-Thursday September 16-17

The day started at 08:30 am with Janne Mattsson from Sweden Rock Magazine calling me to do an interview about the release of my album Royal Mess. We had a nice chat for about 30 minutes. Guess it will be published in the next issue (?) Ola Gränshagen will probably do the review of the album in Sweden Rock Magazine.

Martina Edoff and Band at Café Opera, Stockholm.

Looking back at the last week:

Rehearsals with Martina Edoff and preparation for the tour in Canada and USA.

Rehearsals at Satelliten, Sollentuna, Stockholm Stefan, Me, Martina, Björn, Jocke and Martinas Manager (far right) Robban Jansson

I´ve also been recording for the forthcoming album with Last Autumn´s Dream (L.A.D.) that will be released in Japan in the middle of december. I layed down the last bass tracks in the last minute…

My album Royal Mess will be released on september 25th on Melodic Rock Records in two versions; one ”ordinary” and one ”Special Edition” with one bonus track, and now the album will even have a Japan release on Marquee Records before christmas ! It´s gonna be released at the same time as the new L.A.D. Album. They wanted another bonus track so then we had to make a third version of the booklet ! READ MORE »

Recording of The Experiment no.Q (The second & forthcoming album)

 The Experiment no.Q
Recording in Torino, Italy June 3-8, 2015


Up at 03:30 am to go to the airport !

First to Munich and then another flight to Torino.
Paolo Vallerga picked me up and off we went to the studio.
Really nice to come back and meet my friends from this project again !
Paolo, Marco, Kevin, Mattia, Jacopo, the new female singer Oxy Hart from France + Massimo Bozza, this great musician with the 7-string bass !

We stayed at the same place as when we were here 2 years ago, up in the mountains at this house with the very beautiful view !

I had already recorded all the bass-tracks + some of the vocals in my own studio, so we just continued to
record some more of my vocal-tracks. It went on smoothly. READ MORE »



February 2nd 2015


Thinking back, I realize that I’ve probably never felt this good in my entire life before !
It actually feels like I’m free !

I defeated my addiction. I defeated the disease ! ”I’m a WINNER !”

That’s how it feels sometimes !
But I know I didn’t really defeat anything. I will live with this for the rest of my life, and I compare it will allergy – ”If you will risk your health or life by eating peanuts. And even if you love them – Don’t eat them ! Do everything you can to stay away from them” !!! Never take ”Just One” – Don’t even touch them !!! Just Forget it !!! READ MORE »

THERION: Jamaica and back to Miami

At the beach – Jamaica

The beach in Jamaica was really nice and beautiful. A local guy took care of us. Thomas & Ernie went out for snorkeling, watching the fish and the coral reef. We were there for about 5 hours. Even though I was mostly in the shade I of course burned my shoulders !!!

In the evening it was time for the Jam-Session with guys from the other bands on board.
I played with members of Venom, Annihilator, Michael Schenker, Soulfly and Primal Fear.
We first played ”Highway Star” by DEEP PURPLE, and I was very glad and surprised that Doogie White came up and sang it ! It wasn´t the plan from the beginning. I was very happy about it cause he has actually been the singer of RAINBOW with Ritchie Blackmore ! Both him and I are BIG Deep Purple fans !
Then we played ”Walk” by PANTERA with Max Cavalera from Sepultura and now Soulfly. READ MORE »

THERION-On the way to Jamaica !

Ready for the cruise !

On january 22nd, we went to enter the big ship ”Liberty Of The Seas” to go on the 70.000 Tons Of Metal cruise !
Two years ago when we went on the cruise from here to Cayman Island we were on the ship ”Majesty Of The Seas”. This one is even bigger and has a bit more of ”luxury style” inside.

Johan & Me before leaving from Miami

Mine and Johans cabin is really nice with a balcony and two big beds.
The food is really good and everything is for free for us to just go and have some almost whenever you want at the breakfast-, lunch- and dinner buffé. Even at the pizzerias everything is for free (for us who are playing) ! The only thing we have to pay for is the sodas, alcohol and of course if you wanna buy souveniers or something else on the boat. – But I don´t drink, so I decided to use my 100 dollars we got on our cruise-card for the Internet access !!! 😀 What is life really without it !!??? 😀 READ MORE »