THERION and everything else……

Summary June 2017:

THERION ? I´m very happy to announce that Christofer Johnsson´s health is much better now. He went to specialists in Russia for diagnosis and treatment and now he´s recovering and may not need surgery.

So far we are only booked for 3 festivals this summer:
August 2nd Hungary, August 11th Portugal and August 19th Poland.

There are now not so much left to record in for the mixing of the Rock Opera !
We´re all very excited about the final result ! – I guess some of you are too !?
After the Rock Opera will be released, we´ll see how the future of Therion will be….

Some more:

LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM (L.A.D.) – In Disguise (Released)
Me, Jamie Borger, Peter Söderström, Ulf Wahlberg & Mikael Erlandsson
A great album with our personal favourite covers !

2 Februari 2017 – 100% Nykter i 6 år ! – Min sammanfattning !

Den 2 februari 2017 så har jag varit 100% nykter i 6 år och jag mår bättre än någonsin. Jag har fått nya värderingar och gör helt andra prioriteringar idag än de jag gjorde för drygt 5 år sen. Och jag har även min fulla övertygelse om att dom är mer rätt än om jag då och då bara skulle ha druckit måttligt och ibland tagit mej ”en bläcka”. Alkoholen påverkar människor mycket mer än vad man tror och vill erkänna.

En vän till mej erkände att hans humör påverkades så pass mycket dagen efter att ha druckit endast 2-3 starköl att han startade onödiga diskussioner som ledde till gräl med hans fru….. Kort och gott så kan man ha alkoholproblem på ganska små och även annorlunda nivåer……Alkohol är ett nervgift. READ MORE »

Looking back – 12 months….

Looking back – 12 months…. (oct 26 2016)

* THERION: Just finished my recording for the forthcoming Rock Opera containing 3,5 hours of music ! I do not only play bass on this one but also a lot of the rhythm guitars are played by me !
I´ve also written a piece of music that will appear on this album ! 🙂

* LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM (L.A.D.) The new album is completed and will be released before christmas 2016 in Japan and world wide in february 2017.

* ZINNY ZAN (Bosse Stagman) I´ve recorded bass for 8 songs for Zinnys forthcoming solo album !
This is really a good one ! – and it´s gonna be a big surprise for many people !

* FANFIELDS 2 (ToTo Tribute) I participated on 4 of the songs; played bass on 3 of the tracks and sang some of the lead vocals on 2 of them. The trippel album is now released ! READ MORE »

ROYAL MESS ”Behind the lyrics of the songs”



My thoughts are carried directly into why girls often from their teens and maybe even up over their 30´s want the tough and those ”a little bit dangerous” guys instead of someone who is a bit softer and kind !? In the 80´s and 90´s when I was a true visitor of the rock-clubs in Sweden with my much tougher buddies, I guess I was nr3 or maybe nr4 for the girls. At the best, No.2….hopefully ! 😀

I maybe thought I was an ace at that time !? But I surely wasn´t 😀

Girls want an ”alpha-male” and not someone of the pack!

Today when I´m older I guess that I have, at least, – a little ace up my sleeve 😉


2.Hell City

This song is entirely written in view of my experiences from a brief relationship I had a number of years ago. – I was an idiot ! Totally blinded by my love to a girl from Dalarna, Sweden named Sandra. Just before I met her I had sold a house and for once, I had more money than I usually have…….. READ MORE »

Canada-USA Tour 2015 – September 18-22

The tour with Martina Edoff is going really well and we´re having a good time !

Live in Edmonton, Canada september 19

We really come, sort of, like, from zero – as a support band for 2 bigger acts, but the audience is very-very enthusiastic and we´re getting so much respons from people telling us we have a really good sound (Very much thanks to Göran ”Ernie” Ernlund who´s doing the Front Of House Mix)
This band with Martina really rocks ! High Energy ! – Smokin´!!! 🙂

Arrival to Calgary, Canada september 20
Live in Calgary, september 20
Day Off in Vancouver. Bought a Royal Beltbuckle and some KISS souveniers !

At our Day Off in Vancouver we really had a good time just relaxing and taking it easy. Had a fantastic dinner with seafood at the hotel restaurant just enjoying our time together ! 🙂