Hi Folks !

I´m now laying down some basstracks for the forthcoming album from progrockers VINDICTIV.

I´m also writing songs and recording demos for L.A.D.
I guess we will have loads of songs to choose from when it comes to the recording, and we´ll see
which ones of them you will find on the forthcoming album.
I haven´t written anything for L.A.D. before, so it would be fun to participate in the songwriting !

I have now also definately and totally stopped drinking which makes everything much easier.
I´ve come into big creativity and that´s the road I´m on now !
– Nothing can stop me !



In For 2011

Hi Folks !

This is what´s going on in my  world of music right now:

HARDCORE CIRCUS: Doing pre-production for the new album.

VINDICTIV: Recording the new album !

THERION: I Will do a few gigs with them during the summer and autumn.
Feels good to be back ! 🙂
Check it out at:

TREAT: A few gigs are planned this spring and summer.

LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM: Another album is going to be recorded this year.

MATS LEVÉN: As it seems right now I will lay down some basstracks for his forthcoming solo-album !

Plans are being made for a new project with me and Ian Haugland from EUROPE.

I´m very glad that there are also plans for a Tribute Gig to MARCEL JACOB.
Jeff Scott Soto, Me and Jamie Borger will be involved. READ MORE »