Looking back – 12 months….

Looking back – 12 months…. (oct 26 2016)

* THERION: Just finished my recording for the forthcoming Rock Opera containing 3,5 hours of music ! I do not only play bass on this one but also a lot of the rhythm guitars are played by me !
I´ve also written a piece of music that will appear on this album ! 🙂

* LAST AUTUMN´S DREAM (L.A.D.) The new album is completed and will be released before christmas 2016 in Japan and world wide in february 2017.

* ZINNY ZAN (Bosse Stagman) I´ve recorded bass for 8 songs for Zinnys forthcoming solo album !
This is really a good one ! – and it´s gonna be a big surprise for many people !

* FANFIELDS 2 (ToTo Tribute) I participated on 4 of the songs; played bass on 3 of the tracks and sang some of the lead vocals on 2 of them. The trippel album is now released !

* ERRANT SHADOW: An Italian project that I´ve recorded bass, some choirs and also been the recording engineer for laying down some of the vocal tracks with Isa Garcia (ex Therion)

* GATHERING OF KINGS – A project created by Ron Dahlgren from ”RockNytt” Sweden. Many Swedish musicians are involved in this project such as Björn Strid from Soilwork and Nightflight Orchestra. So far 2 songs are recorded.

* ”A NEW DAY TOMORROW” (Working Title) – Recording – Me and Jamie Borger are recording for a guy by name Gernot Shram from Germany who lives in Canada. The keyboard player from the band Kamelot is one of the others involved.

* MATS LEVÉN – I´ve recorded 5 songs for his forthcoming album.

* CHRISTIAN VIDAL – is about to release a new solo album. I play on 2 of the tracks.

* MY SWEDISH SONGS – I´ve started this project to show another side of myself. A bit more softer songs, ballads and some pop stuff. Lyrics in swedish. Herman Furin – drummer of the band Work Of Art will probably play on some of the songs.

* HAUGLAND-PÅHLSSON – Me and Ian started a recording for something that hopefully will show up sometime in 2017.

* EMILIA: Pop Singer from Sweden who has now released her first EP produced by Stefan Bergström from the band SKINTRADE.
I play bass on 2 of her songs.

NO-NAME-SO-FAR: Me and Pontus Larsson (former keyboard player of Vindictiv) are currently writing and recording some material. This will be very exciting !

* THE EXPERIMENT NoQ April 10th 2015 Release of the second album ”After the experiment noQ”

* ROYAL MESS gig at Metalhall, Stockholm

* The Therion data game ”Nevergone” released

* MARTINA EDOFF: European Tour with Winery Dogs

January 2016:

* THERION: European Tour (23 concerts in 27 days)

* L.A.D. World Wide Release

* Guitar endorsement from YAMAHA – (The RevStar Series)

* Lemmy Tribute gig, Stockholm


* ROYAL MESS World Wide Release (Melodic Rock Records)

* Royal Mess Release Party

* MARTINA EDOFF Canada-USA Tour with The Agonist and Eluveitie

*THERION South America Tour

* ROYAL MESS Japan Release (Marquee/Avalon Records)

* L.A.D. Japan Release (Marquee/Avalon Records)


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